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Breaking Borders - here’s why Glassing’s worth the money

Glassing, the Italian eyewear brand that has graced the eyes of many celebrities worldwide, and continues to grow as an iconic accessory in the UAE, has expanded their previously-launched GP collection.

The GP Collection is a vision of the future. The absence of frame and its nylon-made lenses make these glasses unexpected and revolutionary. The design of the collection embraces a modern, edgy look through its unusual features and bright mirrored colors. The use of nylon on their lenses make the glasses ultra-light, and they are the first asymmetric eye mask with such an irregular and flat shape. Bizarre and eye-catching, Glassing’s GP collection completes the bold, eccentric looks of fashion enthusiasts and stylists such as Farah Abdulaziz Gemma Jones, and even Kris Jenner.  

Why we LOVE it?

They’re functional

While sunglasses have become a fashion accessory all their own, at the core of it, they’re made to protect your eyes. The use of nylon on their lenses make the glass ultra-light.

They’re stylish

From its strong fashion DNA, Glassing has a strong selection of stylish pair fit for every face. While eyewear trends come and go, these new set of pairs are a true fashionista and a cut above the rest.


The range of prices you’ll come across when shopping for sunglasses is huge. With Glassing, you know you are getting quality lenses and stylish design that can keep up with you through whatever activities your day brings.

The verdict

Glassing is a brand to watch out for and I believe that this will be the next big thing in the region’s sunglasses industry. The world needs a brand that could capture the moment and I think Glassing just ticks all the boxes to success.


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