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Celebrate this New Moon with Luxurious Creations by Pierre Marcolini

This year, innovation, passion and savoir-faire come together in new creations for the holy month of Ramadan.

The Maison celebrates this new moon with a collection inspired by the sweet aromas of the Middle East. The collection includes, handmade dates that showcase the irresistible sweetness of the Maison, a new recipe of their signature milk chocolates pralines molded into the shape of crescent moons, croissants de lune with Maison chocolate and luxurious macaroons dusted in gleaming gold.

Pierre Marcolini wishes to share the spirit of giving with well sourced ingredients and hisrenowned expertise that define these exquisite creations.

Pyramids and Hampers have also been created exclusively for Pierre Marcolini Middle East. They can be customized with products from the collection.


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