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Fashion Must Have: The Alessandro Edge By Berluti

A fresh take on one of the houses’ most emblematic footwear creations, Berluti reveals the Alessandro Edge that reimagines the timeless oxford with a contemporary and structured aesthetic.

In 1895, Alessandro Berluti, devised the famous lace-up court shoe – Every Berluti generation since has reinterpreted this invention, and the shoe has changed imperceptibly over the years. The lace up-shoe, a historic and emblematic model, designed from a single piece of leather, without any visible seam, has come to symbolize Maison Berluti and is the purest expression of its uncompromising style. 

For his first see how with Berluti, Kris Van Assche played the disruption card and presented the brand-new Edge last across a selection of footwear. This bold interpretation is significant for its unique shape and its creative design. On the timeless Alessandro, the angular silhouette is put into even more perspective through Kris’ bold and technical new patinas, complete with a model that flaunts metallic details for added dimension.


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