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Featured Designer: Lucia Merlo Milan

Lucia Merlo, 34, has worked for over ten years in the fashion world and she currently works, mainly in Milan, as image consultant (personal shopper – visual merchandiser – stylist for sets and catalogs).

Creativity has always been part of Lucia’s personality, and this is what led her to follow in the footsteps of her greatest source of inspiration, the stylist and costume designer Marisa Tadiotto.

The project of Lucia Merlo Bags was born thanks to her passion for transformations, this is what brought her to create a unique accessory that could have different natures. The bag designed by Lucia Merlo is in fact transformable, with just one change of band the bag takes on a completely different style while remaining the same. Another distinctive feature of Lucia Merlo’s bags is their being all unique pieces, because every woman is a universe in itself and is full of facets and unrepeatable characters.


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