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FITNESS: One-on-One with Amir Siddique

Symmetry Gym Dubai is one of UAE's most exclusive and successful training studios where members train hard for serious results. It is the brain-child of New Yorker, Amir Siddiqui, who developed his own training methodology called the "Fission Fusion Training System", which is the result of 15 years of empirical research, study and results-based training. It is a comprehensive, integrated and holistic training system designed to push the limits of strength, speed and power by just the right amount to ensure maximum permanent results.

Amir brought his unique concept to Dubai in 2011 and since then his revolutionary methods have transformed the physiques of everyone from stay at home moms to CEOs of multinational corporations. 

1) What book are you reading? 

"Hanging on to the Edges" Essays on Science, Society and the Academic Life from Daniel Nettle

2) What is your biggest fear?

 Eventually concluding that life is irrelevant and pointless.

3) Any early memories at school, Grade 1 ? 

We were so poor that my mum had only girls shoes left for me. I had to go to school with those shoes on and would hide outside so no one would see my shoes before going into class.

4) What brought you to Dubai? 

Dubai is an hybrid city which sits between 2 world. Dubai is unique and has lot to offer, it is a cosmopolitan lifestyle mixed with local culture. 

5) What have you learned from the last 20 years as a professional trainer? 

Human behavior. How to deal with client insecurities, unbalanced diet and lack of self-esteem. I spend a lot of time helping them overcome their insecurities while training them. 

6) What advice would you give to people attempting to improve their aesthetics or physical fitness? 

Train and train more, be consistent at the gym, create a routine in order to start improving your self-being. 

7) How did you start training? 

I trained on my own until the age of 28 then found Scot Abel whom coached hundreds of bodybuilding and figure champions. He mentored me and thought me how to enhance physique is a different way.

8) How much do you bench? 

500 pounds 227kg.

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