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Leaving a green print while on holiday in Seychelles

Renowned for its pristine beauty, Seychelles has made a name for itself as a proactive sustainable destination with approximately 47% of its landmass protected and recognized for its tremendous efforts to preserve its rich natural heritage through sustainable practices and measures.

Seychelles is 38th on the Environment Performance Index in 2020, first in the Sub-Saharan Region and as a small island state; nature conservation is a way of life in Seychelles.

Mindful that while travel has many positive impacts, it can also, take a heavy toll on the environment by putting increased strain on fragile ecosystems and contributing to rising fossil fuel emissions. Seychelles, as an award-winning sustainable destination in the Indian Ocean region, holds responsible travel as an important part of its business model.

Here are five things visitors can do to help be part of the sustainable tourism movement while on your holiday in Seychelles:

Get to know the destination before your trip

To have a full experience of the destination, get familiar with the uniqueness of Seychelles even before you arrive. Read about various islands dedicated to conservation and the destination's unique flora and fauna of Seychelles to know where to go to enhance your experience.

Support eco-friendly accommodation facilities and other responsible travel service providers when in Seychelles. Many conscious tourism partners make an impact through small gestures towards the environment by making use of renewable energy, having an effective waste management system, recycling, or even building using renewable materials.

When in Seychelles, you can reduce your carbon footprint by hiring a bicycle to tour the smaller islands like Praslin and La Digue.

Do no harm

When visiting the beautiful islands, take care not to disturb the fragile ecosystem. It is crucial you do not remove any animal products, rocks, plants, seeds or birds' nests and avoid touching or standing on coral reefs. Never remove live shells from the sea, and refrain from buying products that are made from turtle shell or other endangered species, moreover it is illegal to do so.

There are amazing conservation opportunities available for visitors to take part in whilst in Seychelles from regular beach clean-ups to participating in coral restoration programmes not forgetting the other marine conservation events, visitors can help by getting in touch with the local environmental societies.

Paradise is under threat by littering both on land and at sea; remember to always take your litter with you. Litter such as plastic bags is harmful to marine life like fish and turtles, eventually ending up in the food chain.

Water is a precious resource on small islands; while on the islands please conserve water. You can help make an impact by taking shorter showers and by re-using bath towels rather than having them washed daily.

Consume local produce

Contributing to the local economy through the empowerment of your hosts can have a positive influence on the community.

While visiting support local industries. You should definitely purchase locally-grown vegetables and fruit when you are out and about the island and of course, savour local cuisine by eating at Creole restaurants.

Seychelles has a range of eco-friendly body care products, such as biodegradable or mineral-based sunscreens, shampoos, and soaps.

Buy genuine local curios which are crafted in Seychelles. You can find myriads of items at the bazar in town, at the various curio shops around the L'Esplanade area in Victoria or visit the Artisans Des Iles shop located on the ground floor of Camion Hall where the many artisans of Seychelles place their locally crafted products for sale. Should you wish to immerse yourself in local art and culture and take a piece of art home as a keepsake, galleries in Victoria and around the islands showcase the work of Seychellois artists. For your last-minute purchases, you can also drop by the Seychelles Traveller's Edition shop located at the airport.

Enjoy sustainable activities

As you explore the islands opt for recreational activities that will help reduce carbon emissions, minimise pollution or use less energy such as kayaking, biking, or hiking. Seychelles is definitely the place to explore the great outdoors, enjoy a wonderful hike, with a host of nature trails opening up to spectacular vistas.

Measure your impact

Since June 2021, Seychelles has become the first destination to create its online community on the Global Impact Network platform, a digital platform that allows users to track measure and showcase sustainable actions through fun and achievable challenges about real-world issues. While you are in paradise transform your holiday experience in one that makes an impact by joining the Seychelles community. You can learn more about the Global Impact Network on their site

On your next holiday, help our fight against climate change and make this experience a life-changing one for you and the people you love!


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