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X|TECHNOLOGY: How to Capture Special Moments this Ramadan?

As we spend Ramadan at home this year in the Emirates many of us are longing to see beyond the boundaries of our human eyes. It is not uncommon to find ourselves starring from our balconies or windows to take in our neighborhoods or the evening skies while enjoying the fresh air.

Ramadan is a special time of year and brings its own unique atmosphere and ambience.

This year it will be even more memorable as we share more time with our loved ones while also connecting through technology with those who we cannot be with in person.

But even though the circumstances are different that does not prevent us from creating wonderful new memories.

Perhaps the chirping of birds outside your window has captured your attention or you are noticing the vivid red and orange of the setting sun for the first time.

Through the power of the flagship HUAWEI P40 Pro you can capture these moments and many more in a photograph or video before sharing it with our friends and family.

The HUAWEI P40 Pro truly lets you see the beauty in farther distances, and this is how.

How is this possible?

You might be indoors but with the HUAWEI P40 Pro’s powerful camera setup you can still capture unique Ramadan memories from the comfort of your home.

The Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera setup consists of a 50MP Ultra Vision Wide Camera, a 40MP Ultra-Wide Cine Camera, a 12MP 5x Optical Telephoto Camera and a ToF Camera. In addition to this, it also packs the HUAWEI Ultra Vision Sensor, one of the largest in the industry, for perfect detail in every photo and video, even in low-light situations. In other words, you can take a snap of the small bird nibling on the food you left out on your balcony in vibrant detail.

But what makes the zoom so special is SuperSensing Zoom with the 5x Optical Telephoto Camera that uses a horizontally placed periscope design with a prism to reflect light at a 90 degree angle that can support 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and 50x maximum digital zoom.

That might sound very technical but what does it mean for the user? Simple, you can zoom in very close without any shaking or blur, so you get the perfect shot.

What can I zoom into?

Just because you are limited to your balcony this Ramadan does not mean you cannot be creative with your photographic ideas.

To help you out we have come up with a few suggestions. For example, step out to your balcony at night and try zooming into the moon.

Thanks to the zoom capabilities and the low-light capabilities you can get a stunning picture that will make your social media go wild.

With the 5x optical zoom, you can try spotting a group of trees on the pavement from your balcony.

Get closer with the 10x hybrid zoom to focus on one particular tree and with the 50x maximum digital zoom you can focus on the low hanging fruit or birds on that tree!

You can even try zooming into cruise ships along the beachside from your balcony or even try catching birds soaring through the sky.

That bird looks so good in that tree. If only I could hear it…

We may be indoors but that does not mean we cannot still enjoy some of the wonderful nature the UAE has to offer.

This Ramadan why not let the HUAWEI P40 Pro really show you what it can do with sight and sound.

Why don’t you try zooming into that bird you spotted in a tree while recording a video and try to record its melodious song?

This might sound impossible, but the HUAWEI P40 Pro makes this effortless with its directional audio zoom feature.

This feature uses the omnidirectional microphones on the top, bottom and back of the phone to accurately collect surrounding sound.

However, as the focus of the camera zooms in to another subject, but the mics will also pick up the sound and amplify it while also filtering out other background noise.

There are apps for them all

Looking for the perfect place to upload your photo? Or want an app to add filters? The HUAWEI AppGallery comes pre-installed in the HUAWEI P40 Pro and it comes with a wide range of local and regional apps sorted into 18 different categories ranging from games to entertainment, business, sports and many more.

Spending Ramadan at home does not mean you have to be far away from anything. Stepping onto your balcony opens up a world of possibilities to practice your photography skills and with the HUAWEI P40 Pro’s SuperZoom capabilities, you can let the world come to you. 


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