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Stay Fashionably Chic with this Hybrid Camera from Fujifilm

Who says you can’t stay stylish and techy at the same time? This New Instax Mini LiPlay will teach you how.

It’s always a different feel when you take your photos, print it, and sometimes, even hang it on your photo wall. Fujifilm gets a little creative and advanced with capturing images. Introducing the first Instax mini hybrid camera, Instax got a whole new level of features.

Aside from being fashionably stylish, Imagine your photo with good music that perfectly matches it. With the ‘record and convert to QR’ feature, you can easily add sound to your photos. Scan the QR code that will print out on your photo and relive the moment.

Since we always got some lovely photos saved on our camera roll, connect your smartphone to the Instax through bluetooth and have it printed in 12 seconds. Its lens has an upgrade too. Instax can now focus as close as 10 cm.

For more information on Fujifilm Instax, you can follow them on their Instagram and Facebook accounts


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