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The Raving Revelation

Revealing an Unexpected Truth, Maggie Wilson Opens Up About Self Worth

In between her creative world and contentious past, Maggie Wilson finds solace in braving the hardest decision she ever made.

Words by Cristille Cruz Cabral

Respite, risk, redemption or reward? For an epitome of beauty and success whose life and love has been in the public eye since day one, putting an end to a sacred vow that circled into family and career is a daunting task. Respite—is it a much-wanted break from the pressures and hurdles of a career like Maggie has? Risk—is it taking chances to hop on a dangerous race so that you can be true to yourself? Redemption—is it freedom from a locked persona? Or is it a reward? A prize for years' worth of hard work, a time to give yourself a pat on the back.

In the second cover edition of XPEDITION Magazine, celebrity and interior designer Maggie Wilson shares the new beginning that awaits her as she transitions from the beauty queen and wife, whom people know her, into a woman of strong will and independence.


In this generation, when social media has become a powerful form of promulgating one's opinion, our October cover star has always been seen as dynamic and positive in encouraging her followers with her passion and advocacies through her digital channels. From travel tales to social works, glittering events, and brand partnerships, Maggie utilizes her voice for good causes, and social media is one avenue for all these. It's part of being in the limelight, after all—with over 700,000 Instagram followers alone. But in her recent challenging phase, Maggie had to tap the post button not to share one of her travel stories but to reveal heart-breaking news to all her audience and friends.

In an official statement through her Instagram account, Maggie confirmed her split with Victor Consunji, a real estate mogul in the Philippines—having considered it a difficult decision to make and asking her supporters for kindness and understanding as they go through the next chapter of their lives.

Having shared more than a decade of togetherness, Maggie and Victor still remain good friends. She said in her post: "We will always love and support each other no matter what. We will always be family as we share our beautiful son, Connor."

This could have been the less travelled road for Maggie—no itineraries planned, no bucket list written, and no limits feared. But in the end, she is ready to face another adventure that will take her to where her heart really belongs. Following her exclusive interview in the first cover edition of XPEDITION Magazine, when asked about one decision in her life that she finds most rewarding, she said: "I am not afraid to have hard and difficult conversations. In a world where everything is seemingly curated, being vulnerable is rare. Often, people are scared to speak their truth for fear of being vilified. I've learnt that by being more open and honest, people can be more compassionate towards you. I've decided to no longer live my life based on what society dictates as the norm. We are so ruled by other people’s opinions and emotions that we tend to make decisions based on what is comfortable for them and not ourselves. Having clarity through a shift in mindset is exactly what I needed to live a happier, more rewarding life."


For every separation comes the question of either why or who. For Maggie, the best answer to this question is neither of the two, but what lies ahead of her expansion plans for Acasa, charity involvements, and global ventures.

XPEDITION Magazine had the honour of being trusted and gaining the confidence of Maggie in being introduced to her business partner and close friend, Tim Connor, a London-based mixed British / Thai entrepreneur who has spearheaded investments across Asia along with representing the British Government in several countries. "I am very passionate about finding solutions to what some might deem as problems, ensuring I can do my part with assisting people in having financial independence along with the tools and skills to help them achieve in life," he said.

"I enjoy turning businesses from acorn to oak tree. Making money has never been the driver for me. More so, it's been the freedom it can bring for myself, my family and others," he added.

In a programme aired on the UK-based news channel BBC some years back, it was rumoured and then confirmed he was part of the Thai Royal Family, having a title after his Thai surname (Tim Jayankura Na Ayudhya). "Although I am incredibly proud to count these people as family, in life, this is something I have never wanted to 'use' to get me ahead; strangely, many of even my close friends do not know this about me. I try to use my British name where I can but due to the fact, I was fortunate enough to be born into a unique family doesn't make me feel or think I am any different or more special than anyone else," he said.

With a six-minute ice bath at six degrees Celsius, meditation, and hitting the gym as part of his morning routine, it is no wonder that Tim has got a great physique that blends well with his good looks, making him a sight to behold. "Many of the people close to me know I am pretty disciplined when it comes to working. I also love my fitness, travel and scuba diving," he shared.

A quick visit to his Instagram account and a little dig into a Google search will show previous works on his consultancy, property and entertainment firms with his then-girlfriend of 15 years, Francesca Armstrong. In late 2017, along with his family, they were involved in an alleged criminal case within the tickets and events industry; he considered it as one of the most challenging parts of his journey as an entrepreneur. A three-year battle, telling the prosecutor time and time again the case was baseless and had no merit, "I quickly realised I could fight or sink. We fought to the bitter end, maintaining our innocence throughout. We were bullied and treated like animals. Finally, after three long years, a judge threw out many of the charges, and the prosecution offered no evidence to those that remained, acquitting all involved. Steps are now being taken to get the case formally reviewed; this will hopefully ensure a case like this never happens to anyone ever again.

It is quite apparent that his ex-partner has been part of most of his journey, from the best to the worst. Although they have now decided to call it quits, Tim remains thankful for the experiences that taught them to be better and stronger. He shared: "Francesca and I had many amazing years together with many successes so young together. She was my rock and certainly the boss in our relationship, an amazingly strong woman. But sometimes in life, you both can grow apart."

The future that lies ahead for Tim with Maggie seems brighter than ever. This fantastic duo could spring opportunities here and there, especially with charitable causes, such as their recent announcement supporting Smile Train. This global charity provides free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive after-care to affected children in oppressed countries. But with the big elephant in the room comes the notion this relationship is more than just business. "As you know, Maggie and I are extremely close friends and business partners. We share many of the same values and goals, which has been the case for a while. In terms of romance, these are early days. (Tim & Maggie smile) However, with anything dark, eventually comes light, through this tough time for me, and with Maggie's recent separation, we have been thrilled that we have been able to be there for each other to help and heal," he commented.

"She is a fantastic entrepreneur. We connect on so many levels. She is beautiful on the inside and out," he added.


Maggie concluded our exclusive interview: "I'm at a point in my life where I no longer feel the need to explain the decisions I've made for myself and family. But what I will say is, I will no longer apologise for the way in which I decide to live my life. As it is my own and no one else's."

The price to claiming back her self-worth might be costly, and in Maggie's case is her marriage, but given her values as an empowered woman who believes in savouring life as a highly attested possession, she still faced the consequences with boldness and love. Bidding goodbye to her past, saying hello to a new beginning—all on her own.


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