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X|BEAUTY: Look your best this Ramadan with Amphis Hair and Nail Nutrients

Keeping your hair and nails healthy is just as important as having a nutritious diet during the Holy Month, and after long days of fasting, it can be easy to forget about the vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants our bodies require for our hair and nails to be in their very best condition. However, with a little help from Amphis, you can easily achieve that natural hair and nails growth you have been searching for…. one nutritional keratin boosting liquid food supplement at a time!

The saying ‘beauty begins within’ couldn’t be truer; with the condition of your hair, nails and skin being the first signs of your body lacking nutrients, it is important that we think about how we are providing our bodies with what it requires to maximize hair and nail stimulation. Amphis Hair and Nail Nutrients is a nutritional keratin boosting liquid food supplement that contains a unique formula Amphis Keratin Sea Mineral Complex TM, which accelerates the growth of strong, lustrous hair and also strengthens nails.

The entire Amphis Beauty range is sugar free, paraben free, shellfish free, not tested on animals, certified for Halal & Kosher consumers and the tisane is certified 100% Organic. This unique orange flavoured keratin boosting liquid is prepared for a fuss free oral boost of nutrients, packaged in individual sachets, you can achieve beautiful healthy hair and nails by consuming a simple one sachet a day.

By starting your daily supplements with Amphis today, you can achieve the healthy glossy hair and strong nails in time for your best self at Ramadan. Amphis Hair and Nail Nutrient Sachets are priced at 399 AED and are available from and from selected pharmacies & health stores nationwide throughout the UAE.


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