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X|FASHION: BEHNOODE Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Homegrown Middle Eastern Fashion House Behnoode launches new collection to celebrate the spring and summer season of 2020. 

The latest men’s wear collection is a high energy colour explosive fashion line. This season, the collection will take you on a journey through the vintage glamour of Italian styling along with the sweeping vistas and landscapes of the Amalfi coastline. 

The colours of the suits have been amplified to represent the vibrancy and energy of this region evoking an emotion that transports you there.

Even the suits have been named to represent its hues from - Aquatic Blues, Succulent Citrus, Luscious Lemons, Sunset Orange and Magical Mauves. 

This collection is ideal to be worn during the day or night as the double breasted suits combined with an artistic tie and pocket square add a youthful playful and relaxed touch. 

Whether the suits are worn with a simple t shirt or a sharp collared shirt, the timeless classic glamour of the vintage years will make you look effortlessly stylish any time of the day.


The collection is named Kaleidoscope Couture: Emotions in Motion. The collection represents HOPE - Harmony, Optimism, Progression, Elegance.

The BEHNOODE Spring/Summer 2020 Collection gets experimental with an explosion of bright vibrant citrusy colours. Optimism meets Enthusiasm. Creativity meets Couture. 

Bright vivid shades meet Bespoke tailoring. There is a fun, playful element to fashion this season. 

“I wanted to create a collection that combines clashing colors that lift and brighten the mood. An escapism during these times. Just like a kaleidoscope that’s constantly changing its forms creating beautiful imagery, I wanted this collection to represent hope, celebration and nature to the ever evolving fashion industry” says Behnoode

Inspired by the nature of Napoli, my home town - with its dramatic coastline, succulent lemon trees and majestic mountains. This collection was a tribute to the Amalfi Coast and its kaleidoscope breathtaking scenery.

“The BEHNOODE S/S2020 Collection tells this story through colour and style. Aquatic blue’s combined with citrusy brights merge with vibrant orange. A journey inspired by the hedonistic glamour and awe of the Amalfi Coastline.” Behnoode added. 

Additionally, the new collection’s style pays homage to the romantic heroes of the vintage years. A dapper gentleman who takes great pride in his style. Monotoned  suits combined with printed wide ties, neon bright trousers against a classic white t-shirt. Double breasted suits in vibrant pops of colours. 

“My collection represents joy, optimism and hope elegantly merged with luxury, couture and of course charity.” Behnoode said.


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