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X|FOOD: Demons & Angels Launches in the UAE with Healthy Cheat-Foods

Eat like a devil in these angelic selection of healthy and guilt-free pizzas!

Demons & Angels has officially launched in the UAE, and is quickly becoming the mouth-watering solution to satisfying those pesky cravings—the smart way. The delivery concept transforms the world's most beloved cheat-foods into healthier and tastier options, using 100% cauliflower as an alternative to high carb gluten.

Showcasing over 20 delicious, guilt-free options, patrons can purchase their favourite comfort foods at ease with a quick delivery to their doorstep. Demons & Angels dishes feature healthy alternatives to high-carb meals, from cauliflower bun burgers to breakfast sandwiches and cauliflower-based pizzas, making it suitable for customers who are vegan or gluten-intolerant. Customize a perfect pie or try the classic and curated options such as Truffle, Spicy Vegetarian, Spicy Meat Eater and Greek pizzas.

All packed with fresh ingredients, proteins, and of course, smothered in melted regular or vegan cheese. To finish off the guilt-free experience, customers can indulge in sweet low-carb desserts like the Choco Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Carb Free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, all made with real cauliflower.

“Being health and fitness savvy, I’ve created this concept to cater to my own cheat-food cravings after realizing there was a gap in the market for 100% cauliflower items with no additives, a great alternative to glutenous bread that we have incorporated into our menu” says Founder, Ramzi Malhas.

“Our product is authentically and carefully designed to ensure that we are offering a genuinely healthy and wholesome meal. Demons & Angels represents the freedom to enjoy and feel good about eating those otherwise unhealthy foods such as burgers, pizzas, and sweets.”

With the soaring popularity of cauliflower for its low-carb and nutritious benefits, Demons & Angels has capitalized on a trend that not only provides an accessible solution but a healthy and delicious one.

Demons & Angels’ promise to provide 100% cauliflower and flavorful alternatives gives the fitness foodies, families, dieters and gluten intolerants no constraints when it comes to indulging into those treasured cheat-foods, with none of the guilt afterwards.

Demons & Angels is currently available for delivery through the Deliveroo app and is set to expand to all major delivery platforms in the UAE. Additionally, Demons & Angels is set to open a new kitchen to reach a wider delivery range. Stay tuned. 


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