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X|FOOD: Wildfire by DOORS, Your Ultimate Luxury Ramadan Iftar Kit

This season is challenging for everyone.

Even more during Ramadan as we used to gather with friends and families to break the fast and catch up with each other.

But don’t worry as DOORS introduces Wildfire by DOORS to deliver Ramadan Iftar Kit at the comfort of your homes.

Priced at only AED188, you will get a complete Ramadan Iftar Kit gourmet-style consisting of dates, dried fruits and soup as well as starters such as eggplant salad, sphere of wellness and kidney bean salad.

There’s more, an array of side dishes from cheese pida, bread, bread dumpling, doors iskender and mushroom rice.

And for the main courses, you’ll be served a selection of Kaymak, Lamb Chops, Lamb Tenderloin, Grilled Sea Bream topped with Lemon Mint and Tamir Bortuqal Mocktails.

Finishing up with sumptuous dessert such as Asure, Kadayif, Kamal Pasha and Pumpkin Delight.

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