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X|LIFESTYLE: How to Bring the Spa Element to your Home

As human beings, we are easily affected by our surroundings. Because of this, creating a tranquil and peaceful environment allows for ultimate relaxation and calm nerves, amidst all of the craziness.

Sometimes, after a particularly trying day, the spa is usually your top destination to unwind, but since we don't exactly have that option readily available at the moment, here's an alternative. Why not bring the spa experience into your home. 

With the new Delina range from homegrown perfume house, Parfums de Marly, you can now recreate all your favourite spa elements without stepping outside your inner sanctum.

The range includes everything, from a scented candle to set the mood, rekindling the pleasure of beautiful Delina scent, through floral, woody and powdery notes which engulf your senses, creating a mysterious and comforting ambience, to a hair perfume, a hand cream and a scented body cream, for supple and velvety skin.

Create your very own luxurious spa experience this Ramadan using the Delina range. With the online Parfums de Marly shop, you can now easily pamper yourself with just a few clicks. 

E-Shop: View Here


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