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X|LUXURY: Rubeus Milano Reveals New Line Of Cocktail Rings

From smart-casual to white-tie, Rubeus Milano’s new cocktails rings are fit for all occasions.

Cocktail rings date back to the 1920s. The age of jazz and art deco, prohibition-era, speakeasies, when women started wearing visible make-up, wore tunics and dropped waist dresses, accentuating their looks with bandeaus and sautoirs, and large – the bigger the better- rings.

At first, most of them featured a large gem surrounded by diamonds, but later evolved to a more diverse range, always large and voluminous to make a statement.

The most iconic element about these rings are the dazzling gems and innovative design, but first and foremost – the character. These rings would never go unnoticed, they can be a centerpiece of an ensemble or even dictate the whole look.

Luxury Italian brand, Rubeus Milano presents its interpretation of the cocktail ring – the new collection features pieces perfectly suited for any occasion, from usual workdays to gala dinners and events.

(R-L) Signature Cocktail N1 – Yellow gold, diamonds, signature cut citrine weighing 15.4ct | Signature Cocktail N2 – Yellow gold, diamonds, signature cut amethyst weighing 13.3ct | Signature Cocktail N3 – White gold, diamonds, signature cut London blue topaz weighing 15.4 ct.

The main feature in the design of the slim and wide Signature Cocktail Rings is a large amethyst, a London blue topaz or a citrine. They flaunt a signature cut developed by the Rubeus designers and brought to life by the brand’s master craftsmen. The facetted gem is a single piece that curves with the ring itself. Even the smallest error in preparation, a single wrong stroke of the artisan’s hand could completely ruin the piece. Only the most experienced lapidaries can achieve such perfection. Every gem, with its deep shine and unique shade makes each ring a stellar, one-of-a-kind creation – the perfect accessory to adorn a woman’s hand.

(R-L) Signature Cocktail N4 – White gold, diamonds, signature cut London blue topaz weighing 13.3 ct. | Signature Cocktail N5 – Pink gold, 39 diamonds weighing 1.5ct | Signature Cocktail N6 -  Yellow gold, 4 diamonds, weighing 0.2ct.

The magnificent Royal Power ring exhibits a signature Rubeus theme – the stylized mineral crystal motive. The new ring boasts a large and precious Imperial topaz, re-imagining the motive – the crystal pattern radiates like sunrays from the central gem of 25.65 carats.

(above) Royal Power – Yellow gold, Imperial topaz weighing 25.65ct., diamonds, rubies, spinels, topazes (total weight of gemstones is 40.99 ct.)

The Peacock Eyes Ring is a variation of the classic toi-et-moi shape. Usually, such rings feature two gems of similar size to signify a deep personal connection, making such rings a recognized romantic icon, on par with an engagement ring. The Rubeus Milano interpretation features two magnificent rubellites, 3.45 and 3.39 cts., in an intricate design with diamonds, rubies and tourmalines.

(above) Peacock Eyes – White gold, two pear-shape rubellites weighing 3.45 and 3.39 ct., diamonds, rubies, tourmalines (total weight of gemstones is 14.24 ct.)

Introduced last year, the brand’s beautiful Crystal Palace collection included the iconic Crystal Ball ring in white gold with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and a 15-carat strawberry-red Brazilian tourmaline. The ring grew to be one of Rubeus Milano’s most loved creations, and owing to its success, the Byzantine Ring is introduced this season. This time, a massive ring with a cabochon centerpiece comes in a striking combination of yellow gold with colourless diamonds and rubies, the eye-catching central gem is a remarkable 11.24 ct. green emerald.

(above) Byzantine – Yellow gold, emerald cabochon weighing 11.24 ct., diamonds, sapphires, rubies (total weight of gemstones is 25.8 ct.

*Rubeus Milano’s jewels are designed by Frederic Mane in Paris, and crafted by master artisans from all over Europe and all over the world. For each project, Rubeus finds uncompromisingly, only the most experienced and talented craftsmen.


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