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X|NEWS: Chiva-Som Launches Online Wellness Services

Chiva-Som, Thailand‘s first-ever wellness retreat resort, are now offering online wellness services. These services are available via online video call, in which you can interact with a team of wellness advisors, practitioners and experts in some of Chiva-Som’s most popular sessions.


Naturopathic Consultation (50 mins) The human body is a complex organism with the innate ability to heal itself when we learn how to listen to it and respond by supporting its needs. The naturopathic approach seeks to find the underlying causes of your symptoms, remove obstacles to healing and implement appropriate changes that restore the body’s natural tendency to return to health.

Naturopaths offer recommendations on herbs, nutritional supplements, lifestyle modification, exercise, detoxification and the concept of food-as-medicine to help put your health back on track.

Natural Fertility Consultation (50 mins) Our team can support you during pre-conception. In this consultation, our Naturopath will discuss your body’s signs, symptoms, biochemistry, current/previous conditions as well as emotional health. With a science-based natural approach, our naturopath will make recommendations that may include herbal and nutritional supplements along with lifestyle and nutritional advice for you and your partner.

One-On-One Exercise and Training

One-on-One Fitness Training (45 mins) Getting the best results from your fitness routine takes more than hard work. This private online class will feature a discussion and practice led by a personal trainer who will guide you and develop a fully-customised workout based on your goals and preferences with only basic to no equipment required. With our specialists on your side, you will not only work out harder, but smarter. This session is suitable for those at any fitness level.         

One-on-One Re-Functional Exercise (45 mins) Good exercise doesn’t always need to be intense, but should focus on proper form and provide strength to the correct muscles. The objective of this session is to give you postural correction, strengthen your core muscles and increase total body flexibility and mobility you can practice at home. In this programme, our Physiotherapist will analyse your posture, muscle function and movement patterns at the beginning of the online session to create a programme that best suits your body’s own needs. Re-Functional Exercise combines Pilates and the careful use of equipment to ensure that your workout is safe and effective.

Neurodynamics Exercise (45 mins) Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are a major health problem in many occupations, caused by poor posture, repetitive movements and prolonged periods of muscle contraction.  The symptoms of work-related musculoskeletal disorders can include pain, numbness, restricted range of motion and a loss of strength. We have combined the techniques of neurodynamic stretching with the unique style and fluid movements of traditional Thai dancing, to create a neurodynamic nerve exercise. This session provides you with the benefits of neurodynamic stretching, a series of postures and movements that enhance mobility and flexibility, with the benefits of Thai dancing, which has been shown through studies to improve nerve function, muscle power, and enhance blood circulation. 

Metabolic Breathing Exercise (45 mins) Aerobic exercise increases oxygen capacity and provides multiple benefits for healthy living, including sustainable weight management. Metabolic Breathing Exercise allows you to increase your oxygen use and boost your metabolic rate, without engaging in intense exercise. With this simple yet powerful diaphragmatic breathing technique, we will lead you through different stretching positions to lengthen and strengthen your internal muscles. This in turn will improve your lung capacity and oxygen uptake, benefitting your entire body. Our instructor will customise the programme based on your conditions, guiding, observing and adjusting your posture during the session.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga (45 mins) There are many different styles of yoga, and we offer everything from the very gentlest of movements to advanced levels, enabling you to choose a style that suits your personal abilities and preferences. Our online Yoga Instructor will offer helpful advice throughout regarding modifications and equipment usage you can simply find at home. Online yoga styles available include Pranayama, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and more.

Meditation (45 mins) Meditation is a key element of many alternative therapies, often combined with prayer, music and mantra chanting. This is not a technique, but rather a way of life and ‘detached observation of the thought process’. Our online class will help you with your practice, regardless of level, and provide techniques for you to stay focused.

How To Book For further details or to book, please contact Chiva-Som’s Health & Wellness Reception team in the link below or call the resort +66 (0) 3253-6536.  


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