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X|News: Dubai Tourism Launched A New Tourism Video ‘Til We Meet Again’

Watch the full video below entitled Till We Meet Again

Dubai, our city, is home to millions of people from hundreds of countries around the world. Some of us were born here. Some of us chose here to raise our families, to work, and to play. We are proud of the city we have built together. It is a city where the future is just moments away, and where nothing is impossible. But right now, like so many of you, we have to slow down, take a breath, and stand still. We have to take a moment to pause. But it will only be a moment. There will come a time where this city will continue to thrive. It will once again buzz with the energy of culture and history, of ambition and progress, of compassion and tolerance. The laughter currently shared inside will be heard on our beaches and across our deserts, in restaurants and on our streets. This city, our home, is extraordinary. It is Dubai, and it is unlike anything in world. Until then, we remember how we were so that we can return brighter than ever before. Explore our city here. Meet us, hear our words, see our treasures and discover our hidden gems. See what we remember so fondly. We hope these places, these words, our people, will inspire you for the future. For when we can all travel once again. For when you can be our guest once more. In this time when we all need to pause – take a moment to reflect, to breathe, to dream... Across our city, we are all in this together, with you. Until we meet again. #StayHome #StaySaf


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