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X|NEWS: YEPREM & Terzihan’s Jewellery Sales are Donated to WHO

Earlier this week House of Luxury’s (HOL) launched its second new and immersive virtual fine jewellery trunk show.  The trunk show which runs until 11 May features leading Middle Eastern jewellery designers; Alessa, Aisha Baker, YEPREM, Terzihanand Tabbah.

The current trunk show, which runs until 11 May, will highlight the select fine diamond jewellery by YEPREM and eclectic pieces by Terzihan.  All proceeds from the sales of YEPREM’s ‘Chevalier’ diamond earrings and Terzihan’s ‘Neutra: Aztec’ stunning necklaces will be donated to World Health Organization (WHO). 

YEPREM’s Sales Director John Yeprem says about HOL’s new virtual shows, “We are excited to be part of this experience and offer both existing and new clients the opportunity to interact with YEPREM in such an immersive way.”

The show also features neon-coloured geometric designs by MAYA alongside hand-crafted and bespoke pieces Simone Jewels.

‘Chevalier’ Earrings by YEPREM in White Gold and White Diamonds ($67,000),all sales from these being donated to WHO   

‘Neutra: Aztec’ Pendant by Terzihan in 18K Rose Gold with Black Enamel and Diamonds ($3,950), all sales from these being donated to WHO   

Out of Office’ Earrings by Maya, in 18K White Gold and Blue Enamel ($1,400)

‘Quintessentially British’ Necklace by Simone Jewels in 18k Rose Gold, Tanzanites, Aquamarine, South Sea Pearls, Diamonds and White Mother of Pearl ($77,210)

‘Neutra:Cairo’ Ring by Terzihan in 18k Rose, All Natural Stone, Diamonds ($4,300)

‘Chevalier’ Hand Piece by YEPREM in White Gold and White Diamonds ($55,200)

‘Edgy’ Ring by Simone Jewels in 18K Rose with Enamel, Diamonds, Mother of Pearl ($4,985)  

HOL’s following virtual trunk show will feature unique collections by designers Tabbah, Avantist, Dreamboule and Fred, will go live via secure link at 11am (GMT) on 25 May to 8 June.


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