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X | Photography: Looking Through the Lens with Four UAE-based Photographers

1. Ansar Mahmood


Ansar Mahmood is Dubai-based Fashion and lifestyle photographer who graduated from New York Institute of photography in 2005. A creative photographer who is passionate about fashion and beauty photography. Ansar have 14 years of professional photography experience.

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2. Ayaz Laiq


I am the Lead photographer for SSS, and freelancer in my spare time. Photography has always been my passion ever since I was a kid. It’s a window into people’s souls, their colorful personalities, their secrets, something you can’t really see with a naked eye. 

When I got my first camera, I would just hit the road absorbing the whole world in with my lens, making conversation with strangers, capturing the most intimate of moments that their eyes would express.

I am often inspired by what I don’t like in addition to what I love. To be honest, I really don’t plan most of the images I produce, I feel the need to create them. I am not just inspired by fashion photographs, but all the process and hard work that goes into them. In the end, we absorb on our own what makes us feel good and what completes us.

Photography guide/tips

Never be afraid of experiments, failure, and criticism, as it will either break you or make you.

Dream celebrity you want to work with

I would like to work with Cara Delevingne because why not?

Best advice for those who would like to follow your footsteps

Never follow anybody’s footsteps, as you don’t know what it took for them to reach where they are. 

Biggest career achievement/s

I have had a lot of small victories but each of one them had a strong impact into shaping me as a person and photographer. Recalling them makes me re-live the bitter sweet memories connected to each and every one of them. 

Can you explain the creative process on making and producing each photo?

As an art form, photography is all about the creative process and exploring ideas through images, but in order to really create great images you need to put a plan in place for your own development; especially focused on skills, inspiration, purpose and output. In my case every shoot takes a lot of time, thought and research. Those three things are all a part of my “creative process”.

For instance, before doing a shoot, I have to brainstorm on the ideas and then at the same time mentally visualize how I want it and how it is going to turn out like. For me brainstorming is the key to any good shoot, once it is done, I move on to finding the right location and once that is done then all I am left with is working with the stylists, makeup artists/hairstylists for referencing the hair and makeup looks and the designs the model would be wearing. By this time, I can already see how my shoot is going to look like (which is such a beautiful feeling). Finally!! it’s the day of the shoot and when I start shooting, I try [to have] no distraction between me and my work. 

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3. MohsenAnjum


Mohsen Anjum is a fashion photographer based in Dubai. Driven by a creative thirst, he took his first steps in professional photography at the age of 20 and has been creating work ever since. Specialising in fashion photography, Mohsen loves exploring colours and techniques. He also loves working with a team and keeps an open attitude towards both improvisation and improvement at all times.

Can you explain your creative process on making and producing each photos?

The method and timing is unique for every project. I take different images in different locations and combine all the elements together.

I pick locations that fit my themes. I often travel to different locations & I am travelling to Saudi Arabia for my upcoming shoot to find the right background.

When traveling, it could be quite difficult to find a spot on the day of the shoot while my models and team wait. Seeing the location a day before the shoot is needed to find the exact spot that fits the photoshoot. I take some photos, upload them, and review them. I make sure to schedule the shoot on day that the weather is on my side.

So many different sources in my life help me to generate ideas. Sometimes I’m inspired by art and photography, and sometimes my ideas come from something completely different. Books, podcasts, travel, art galleries, friends, and going for a walk around the block are all potential sources

I love to inspire people around the world through my work & that's my goal. My ideas come up through my imagination. I imagine the whole photoshoot comeout while on the process of creating the mood board.

Lighting is very important, as my work is unique. I use much outdoor light as it gives true colors & dreamy effects to my subject. I combine every single element even dust in desert for my photoshoots.

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4. Nemanja Bubanja


Nemanja Bubanja, a 27 year old Montenegro native currently based in Dubai as a freelance photographer, and electrotechnical engineer of computer science. Besides photography, he is also a professional model and artist.

Can you explain the creative process on making and producing each photos 

I have different creative processes depending on what was required but in all of my shoot I make sure to create mood board, that's a key thing, then of course to organise shooting equipments and model, location, time, make-up, wardrobe, styling and everything else will flow. I alwaus prefer to keep my set with good energy and positive mind - the mood will be captured in the photo.

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