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XPEDITION Xclusive with Nadia

1. What is your inspiration in life and art?

- My biggest inspirations are the stories who rule our society and who build our identity.

2. Can you tell me about yourself

- My name is Nadia. As most of bicultural individuals, I grew up in a "liminal" space, where multiple forms of reality are viewed at the same time. After a moroccan childhood, I fled to Romania looking for the freedom to be the young woman I was starting to become. 10 years after my departure, I decided to return to Morocco, where living my life as a liberated woman is a militant act.

3. What message/s do you want the world to know through your art?

- My art tells the stories of women in Morocco, but other people can also appropriate them in order to question their own society.

Above all, I want these people to feel a sense community and to remember that they are not alone. It's no coincidence that I chose social media platforms to share my work.

4. What is your thought about art and technology? Do you think art is still relevant in the new digital age?

- I think it's more relevant than ever. Social media makes art accessible to all. Which means it's easier to find inspiration. It also makes interactive media easier to access and to share.

5. What is art for you?

- For me, art is taking a step back and looking at something through a spectrum of senses, emotions, intuitions and intellect. Anything can be art.

6. When and how did you start doing creative work?

- I can't remember the first time I drew, so I could say I have been doing creative work forever. But my artistic discourse started to set up when I was an art student in the south of France. I started my illustration work as shown here in july 2019, after graduating art school.


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