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XPEDITION XTRA: New Youtube Star To Watch Out For

Everywhere With Khalid

by: Khalid Saffarini

Youtube has definitely conquered the world of videos, in fact every minute, there are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube,  it also gets 30 million visitors per day.  In the UAE, there are many exciting and interesting Youtube artists that will make you laugh, love and learn and one of them is the super energetic, super hyper and undeniably charming - Khalid Saffarini - with his Youtube Channel - ‘Everywhere with Khalid’.

Everywhere with Khalid is a channel for new and different experiences. He likes to impart the saying that “Life is short, seize it”. Everywhere with Khalid is always looking for fresh and new ideas to explore and have fun. His content focuses in finding new places in Dubai and everywhere else such as restaurants, fun and adventurous activities, photography, exhibitions, product launches, events et al. 

Khalid Saffarini also values positivity, enthusiasm in life, film making, vlogging, editing, coffee with friends, and smiling as life is beautiful - anytime and — Everywhere With Khalid. 

Watch Khalid’s Youtube Channel here:


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