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Finish two boxes of pizza? Don’t worry, it’s ZEROFAT.

The clean-eating company first launched in Al Ain in 2016 and specializes in high-quality, healthy food that focuses on great tastes, too.

The restaurant offers an unlimited treat without the guilt as they only use organic products and produce - no additional sugar or processed food.

You can enjoy an Angus beef burger or a full pizza without excessing your daily calorie in take as their chef and nutritionist make sure that they serve a balanced meal for their guests.

The restaurant also offers a customized healthy meal plan for those who are working towards a particular body goal, or anyone who wants to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need.

The menu includes healthy breakfast plates such as oats and pancakes, salads, burgers, pizzas, pastas and more.

Our Review

Whether you are calorie conscious or living a healthier lifestyle, this restaurant is for you.

You can enjoy the same kind of food that you see in most fast food and casual dining restaurants without feeling guilty after eating as all the food served are measured with the right amount of vitamins and calories for your daily body intake.

Highly recommended are the Tiramisu cake which I believe is still the best in the UAE and the iced Spanish Latte.

You can see the full lost of offerings at


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