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No matter how much we deny it, we have to accept the fact that life is not a simple mathematical equation - and the truth is, life is undeniably challenging. With so many commitments and responsibilities, we all come to a boiling point where it gets too much to swallow. Yet, even with the amount of pressure and anxiety - we carry on and move forward, adding more weight to the overwhelming truths that makes our personal lives decline.

This is where life coaches come in - to help you cut out self-destructive habits and empower you through moments where you may be feeling a little bit stuck and lost. “Life coaching can help you create a compelling vision of your life to move beyond your current limitations and comfort zone.” said Yesmin Ben Hammouda, Master Life Coach, NLP and Hypnosis practitioner with a degree from Robert Simic Institute.

Yesmin further commented: “Hypnotherapy is a technique I practice with most of my clients. It is a type of mind-body intervention to create a state of focused attention to heighten awareness of the hypnotic state and help focus on a problem more deeply.”

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic version in which hypnosis or your state of mind is usually done with an expert therapist. While there is not a single way to hypnotize, there are varied ways hypnosis is applied and different types that can address certain aspects of your life including fears, goals and health conditions.

Here, Yesmin listed down the different stages you go through when getting hypnotized:


Beta can be described as your state of awareness or waking consciousness. During this state, you have a strongly engaged mind - alert and able to comprehend communication. A teacher or a debater who is in active conversation would be in beta.


The alpha state is when your brain waves are awake and resting. Here, you feel more relaxed yet focused and receptive to new information and suggestions. Because you become calmer at this stage, you tend to make better decisions.


Theta brain waves usually occur when you’re drifting off to sleep and you start to achieve a deeply relaxed state of mind. As it regulates cortisol levels within your body, it lowers heightened stress and anxiety levels making you process ideation better. It is typically a very positive mental state where tasks become so automatic that you can mentally disengage from them.


Delta is the deepest state of hypnosis and is a highly restorative state where awareness is fully detached. It is mostly associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and healing sleep. At this state, you are not aware of what your therapist is saying but suggestions are being accepted.

Hypnotherapy can definitely create and set a roadmap for powerful changes in your life if done correctly. “I try to help my clients release their emotional baggage and traumas. I guide them towards their goals, mental health and spirituality.” added Yesmin.

Beside life coaching, Yesmin is known for her active humanitarian efforts promoting various causes like education and women’s rights. She is an Ambassador to White Ribbon Ukraine and USA, a non-profit organization against gender based discrimation and domestic violence, Vice President to Women’s Empowerment Investment Forum and an Ambassador to International Family Fund in Ukraine.


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