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2020 Fashion Predictions by Fashion Stylist Gweys Soriano

Fashion is for everyone! As long as you can confidently pull off the trendy pieces in this list, you might as well call yourself a certified fashionista! You never know, the OOTDs that you post might just be one step closer to your dream magazine shoot. 

It was good while it lasted but just a few more counting sheeps before we bid goodbye to 2019 and say whaddup fashion trends 2020? 

I’ve rounded up on this list my top 10 styles that sweeped the runway in the recent fashion weeks. Say hello to these fashion pieces that are sure to reign this coming 2020. Time to rule over this coming new year by trying out these pieces having its own way of redefining style!

Oversized Suits

Who said oversized suits are tacky? And who said it’s going to bid bye-bye next year? Well, apparently not! Oversized suits are now being pulled off by celebrities and influencers, even you can surely pull this off. Rock this trend this coming 2020, borrow from the boys as you will see more oversized suits still turning heads in the coming year. Show ‘em the boss that you are!

Tagwalk | Lanvin SS2020

Victorian Sleeves

Victorian sleeves, from the word itself, are worn by women during the reign of Queen Victoria in the United Kingdom. If you wanna fulfill your royalty dreams then Victorian sleeves can surely up your game from a boring blouse-lady to a classy Victorian lady.


We’re living in the 21st century! Transparency is a thing, and people tend to not only look on the outside but also on the inside. Well, in this case, this new net trend took it up a notch by literally allowing people to show what’s on the inside, making the outside look even better (and sexier!).

Chunky Gold Chain

Jewelry does turn a person’s outfit from plain to slayin’, what more with these chunky gold chains making you look extra fancy regardless of how effortless your outfit is? Glam up your statement tops with a chunky gold chain this 2020!

Splashy Green (Neon)

With neutral colors dominating the past years, it’s time a new color as wild as neon green takes over the fashion scene! This color gives out an exciting vibe making every person wearing neon green outfits shine brighter, figuratively and literally.

Square-Toed Heels

With 90s fashion being brought back by one brand after another, it’s just about time for square-toed heels to enter the fashion scene. Walk the streets with poise and confidence, knowing you got that oomph with these trendy heels.

Colorful Faux Leathers

Leathers always have its way of telling people how cool and edgy the person looks but try mixing it up with different bright colors; you’d be a sugar, spice and everything nice in one figure. No doubt you’d be an eye-candy! 

Pastel Bucket Hats

Neutral-colored bucket hats are out of the basket, it’s time for pastel-colored bucket hats! Having a bad hair day? Wanna feel extra cute today? Pair up your outfit with these hats then you’re good to go!

Polka Dots

Polka dots are indeed known to be lucky especially during New Year’s. Why not make your everyday lucky by wearing polka dots even on casual days, right? You wouldn’t only be lucky, you’d also be considered stylish!


This fashion trend, being overlooked in the past, found its way to crawl up to the top of the fashion trends list. Stand out in a crowd with ruffles on your outfit!


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