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Bateel International Unveils New Diwali Collection

Bateel International launches its new Diwali collection with a stunning selection of gift boxes to share with family and friends to mark the momentous festival. Paying homage to the lights and colours that surround the celebrations, Bateel have thoughtfully created an assortment of exquisite gift boxes for the occasion.

The Diwali range draws inspiration from the traditional colours and designs of the Marigold flower, highlighted in vibrant and luminous shades of yellows, golds andaccentuated deep-purples and vivid greens. Each box is carefully handcrafted with attention to detail, as showcased in the glimmering Regalia Gold collection which features the authentic Indian artistry of ‘Rangoli’complemented by intricate patterns.

Each box is elegantly packaged and fully customisable, filled with a wide selection of single-origin chocolates, rich chocolate coated biscuits and the finest date chocolates. Make a memorable impression with a perfect gift from Bateel.


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