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Spotify turns up the volume on Aljassmi ahead of his birthday!

Millenials in Dubai listen to the most Aljassmi music nation-wide, and Bel Bont El Areedh is the most streamed song

Listeners in the United Arab Emirates enjoy Aljassmi's warm voice during the cooler months of the year, with streaming peaking during the winter season

It’s Hussain Aljassmi’s Week! As we get closer to the birthday of one of the region’s best-selling artists and a voice millions connect with, Spotify has decided to look at how fans are streaming Aljassmi's music in the UAE ahead of August 25th.

Dubai residents can not seem to get enough of Aljassmi’s music becoming the top city for Aljassmi streaming. In fact he recently collaborated with Sheikh Hamdan, Crowne Prince of Dubai to bring his famous poems to life in Darb Al She’er.

Millennials and Gen-Zs across the UAE have been drawn to Aljassmi's never-out-of-style releases, with Bel Bont El Areedh, Boushret Kheir and Ahebak among his top three most streamed songs.

The love for Hussain Aljassmi does not stop in the UAE. Based on Spotify’s data, the legendary singer has loyal fans all over the world, with the USA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Canada constituting his top 5 markets outside of his native country.

Data also shows that Aljassmi fans in the UAE listen more often to him during the winter months. This does not come as a surprise as his tender voice exudes warmth in the heart of his fans.


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