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X|NEWS: DESIGN INSPIRED BY DESTINATION | The One&Only Heritage Collection by Jay Ahr

One&Only Resorts is celebrating the art of travel by launching the exclusive, One&Only Heritage Collection by Jay Ahr, a limited edition of custom-designed vintage Louis Vuitton Keepalls. Sourced from the 10 global resort destinations, each treasured bag has been hand-picked and transformed with the highest quality embroidery that Jay Ahr is renowned for. 

The bespoke designs are inspired by the local heritage, celebrating each destination.  Every authentic Louis Vuitton Keepall is traced to its provenance and informs a design that continues to tell a story.  Only two bags have been designed for each resort, each completely distinct in design, and are exclusively available for purchase from One&Only.

“With The Heritage Collection, One&Only is the perfect partner as truly each bag I produce is the one and only bag,” commented Founder & Artist, Jonathan Riss.  “I love to discover different cultures and destinations and each One&Only resort is a true celebration of that.  Transforming these vintage bags adds to the storied life span with something different, new and compellingly modern.” 

Born in Paris and growing up in Brussels, Jonathan Riss spent time immersed in the work of modern and contemporary artists. Captivated by travel at a young age, he left Belgium after school for Ukraine where he developed his skills, designing fabrics and embroidery. He eventually started his own embroidery atelier in Mumbai, but longing to launch his own brand, he returned to Paris to introduce JAY AHR.  Founded in 2005, JAY AHR (the name is a phonetic spelling of Riss’ initials) is a collection of bold pieces comprised of innovative fabrics and embroidery, celebrating his passion for travel, design, art and culture

Every country where there is a One&Only resort, has either a bag showcasing the national flag or the representative passport of that country.  A second bag is available for each resort with a design that epitomizes the inspiring location that was hand-picked for the resort, in celebration of the destination. Each resort, just as each bag, reflects the One&Only independent spirit, showcasing a passion for life and for travel. 

In addition to this very exclusive collection, Jay Ahr will be designing a capsule of luggage tag, travel pouch and travel tote bespoke for each resort. Perfect for collectors, a badge of honour to be cherished.  Each of these items are sold exclusively at each One&Only around the world and are available at One&Only Royal Mirage and One&Only The Palm as well.

To purchase one of the limited-edition bags, contact For more information, please visit


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